Pony for sale

Domino (Chance)


8 years old.


Eventing, Farm Hack, Hunter, Pony Club, Show Hunter, Show Jumping, Showing.


57.09 Inches | 145 Centimeters | 14.1 Hands


Paint, Piebald, Stationbred.


NZD 25000




New Zealand

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Super Feature Listing

Chance is a fantastic all round pony.
He's a talented multi discipline pony who can go from hacking too the show jumping ring the next day.
He handles every thing amazingly with his cool nature. Chance has got huge jumping talent and amazing ring appeal.
He has competitively show jumped up to Mini prix is good to hack and evented to 80cm ( and has the potential to go a lot further) chance would also do well in the showring due to his nice looks and the hunt field due to his boldness.

He has no vices, very cruisey. he's very quite and a dream to have around. he will be a sad sale due to my boys not riding enough.
chance is amazing to clip, travel, shoe, catch etc.

i have held on to chance for a few years now in hope that my boys would ride (sadly they have not). So I had to squeeze him onto the truck for my daughter to compete whenever we could she is now to old to compete ponies hence the sale.
He one of my favourites