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Loves to jump


15 years old.


Pony Club.


51 Inches | 129.54 Centimeters | 12.3 Hands




NZD 6500




Northland, New Zealand

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Just turned 15.
He is born and breed to jump and loves water.
This pony teaches his jockey to ride. My daughter has learnt to jump two and three jump combinations, bounces and grids. He will make mistakes if not asked correctly, but when ridden well he is well balanced and has a lovely jump technique. My daughter has learnt to do liberty with him, has gotten most improved combination, and most improved junior at pony club, and has won champion rider on the flat. She has learnt so much but she has gotten too tall for him, and has a new pony to teach her new things.
I don’t feel he is a beginners pony (more like a second pony) and would suit a knowledgeable home to get the best out of him.
He’s great for the farrier, self loads on float, is great to worm and for the dentist.
He can be cheeky and can be a bit pushy on the ground if you let him. But my daughter can catch, tack up, load him on the float all with minimal help.
He is always at the gate, eager to be caught and to see what’s happening. He is curious and always eager to go on whatever adventure is happening.
He is best kept on minimal grass as he puts on weight easily, and is best ridden regularly. He does get a bit full of himself if he has not been ridden regularly, or has not been out and about regularly.
He’s been with a younger, less experienced rider for a few weeks, to see how they got on with him, and he has been an angel.
I would consider a trial for the right home. Home is more important to us than the money. My daughter has missed him while he’s been away for a few weeks, but understands he needs a new special person.
He comes with a wardrobe of covers, and his bridle. CONTACT SELLER