Horse for sale: Gorgeous Purebred welsh
Pony sold

Pony for sale

Gorgeous Purebred welsh


5 years old.


Broodmare, First Ridden , Pony Club, Showing.


45 Inches | 114.3 Centimeters | 11.1 Hands




NZD 2200




Wairarapa, New Zealand

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Glynmawr Zinnia

Gorgeous little welsh mare who is 5yrs old and 11.1hh (not officially measured)

Mouse has been broken in and ridden by adults and very easy - she has been ridden by kids both on the lead and on the lunge and her behaviour is fantastic.

Mouse has also attended a in hand show and done well with her previous owner, but this is not our thing.

I brought mouse with the intention that both of my nieces would like to ride her and do lead rein shows with the elder to ride off the lead until I’m ready for her. But sadly for me they have no interest.

This lovely little pony needs to be doing something, and I feel very guilty about this every time she calls out to me to bring her in for attention.

I would also be happy to lease her to a suitable Experienced farm/show home for a couple of seasons until I’m ready for her. Contracts ect would apply.

Great to clip, float, truck, trim ect - kids can put her saddle on but she does lift her head Too much for them to bridle.