Humans n Horses

"Mummy, this is how the Queen rides!"
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"No matter what bigger things may come into your world or whatever greatness you aspire to, never, ever forget to play!"

"We found our best selves in each other!"

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"Most girls want to go to festivals at New Year but I'm happy just being with my ponies!" 

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Who knew -
Before you would race outside shouting at your kids, 'What are you thinking? Go get your helmets on!', you'd simply have to take a photo!

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Look back at your most brilliant successes, stunning comebacks, amazing ideas, and see that virtually all of them seemed to bloom and apparate out of thin air when you least expected them. And know for sure, particularly if these events exceeded even your greatest expectations, how excited you should be about the New Year and whatever else lies ahead? 

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"Pony tales in the making!"
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"A happy girl and her pony spreading a little Christmas sparkle as they go!"

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"All I want for Christmas, is you!"

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"We must look for the inner beauty. We all have it although some camouflage it well. Some hide it deep inside. Take the time to search for it. It's always there. And the reward is worth the effort!"

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"Dance like nobody is watching you!"


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"When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile!”

Humans n Horses™
"There was no end to the strange ways of the two-leggeds!"

"Buy a horse and Increase your sparkle!"

"Before you came along, I was a lot less"

"And the stories the ponies were telling just got funnier and funnier!"



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"When your pony smiles with you because you have a brand new helmet! And it's Friday!"

"It's not money you'll run out of.  It's time.  Buy the horse you want now!"






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"Boys Brainstorming!"

"Together we are one!"

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