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Lovely OTT - Allrounder Event/Jump/Dressage


10 years old.


Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Hunter, Off the Track TB, Pleasure Horse, Show Horses, Show Jumping, Showing, Trekking, Western .


63 Inches | 160.02 Centimeters | 15.3 Hands








Canterbury, New Zealand

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Off Track Thoroughbred

The Sylph is our resident Grumpy old man, although not so old, he is only 10! He is 15.3hh by Dane Shadow.

He is definitely a bit unique and slightly quirky. He had a long racing career and retired 100% sound. But this did give him a few attitude problems. Very similar to a teenager in High School! But only on the ground and once you know what he is like, it really isn't a big deal.

Don't look past this guy just because he is a leaner type TB he has so many great attributes.
1: He is so light on his feet. His paces are untapped and floating. He could be anything with time, training and patience.
2: He actually does, under all that pent up hatred, after years on the track, there is actually a sweet wee man wanting love and attention!
So many possibilites! Teach him to jump and you will have an Eventer on your hands. Take him to Dressage! Life is his Oyster!!!!!!
Yes he may make you want to walk inside and down a entire bottle of Gin while mumbling profanities about the bastard bay in you stables. But I tell you what, if you are:
1: Experience with Horses
2: Up for a good Challenge
3: Can look past the ugly lean TB that may or many not hate everything Human.
4: Can see what he will be with time, training and correct feeding.
Then you could end up with a little star on your hands!
These are some pictures of him when with us in Re-Training, we have video as well. He is not a dirt bag under saddle, just has manners needing some adjustments on the ground.
Video available
Located Cust, Canterbury. All ITR horses are available for free adoption.