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Claire Madden - My Journey So Far


My journey started nearly 20 years ago when my first pony was sourced for me by my godmother from another local family. I was a typical 8 year old who had begged my family to get me a pony, eventually Calico came into my life. He was a 20 something year old palamino who had been there and done it all before but was by no means a push button pony. Calio taught me all the important parts of horse ownership and riding - he taught me care and attention, he taught me how to fall off and more importantly how to stay on. He was by no means a perfect pony but he was perfect for me and in my eyes that was all that mattered. 

Two years later when Calico retired with arthritis I was introduced to the new love of my life, another palamino (how does one girl get so lucky), named Aratiki Shandel. Shandy was also in his 20's and we would....

New Zealand