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Super young Show Jumper and Hunter


6 years old.


Eventing, Hunter, Show Jumping.


65 Inches | 165.1 Centimeters | 16.1 Hands








Canterbury, New Zealand

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Our Sentinel (Felix)

Would love to find Felix a new home before the season starts!

Felix is a super young horse who has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past two years.
He retired at age four after only a couple starts.

He had two very chilled seasons during his four and five year old seasons with a handful of 90cm-1m starts as well as a few eventing starts at 80cm.
He competed in the SI Young Event Horse as a 5YO with some good comments from the judges, although he did not place.
Eventing is not my thing so have never pursued this with him. He has lovely even paces on the flat and can pull out a very nice dressage test so with the right rider, he’d be a super eventer.

As a 6YO, he became very consistent at 1.10-1.15m with plenty of clear rounds and had two 6YO class starts where he proved he was more than capable at this height. I ride like a bit of a nana so not many placings to his name although he'd be an awesome speed horse if given the opportunity.
I haven't competed him above 1.20m to date, but I have no doubts he would be an awesome 1.30m/ Pro Am horse or even a MP horse once he has a few more miles under his belt.
Would be a perfect JR or Am/ Pro Am mount for this upcoming season! Most forgiving horse I have ever ridden, will try his hardest no matter what for his rider!

Felix has spent this season hunting with Brackenfield and has proven himself to be a pretty cool full wire hunter. Will jump anything he's put at and happy to be anywhere in the field. He had a total of 10 hunts this season. Would be awesome as a whips horse as well! Happy to provide hunting references for him!

Felix is the easiest horse to have around. He trucks and floats with no issues. Perfect to shoe, clip and have teeth done.
Can be taken out alone or in company without any problems.
Super chilled at the beach and is happy to go wherever.

I will show jump Felix this upcoming season if not sold prior and his price will reflect as he gains more mileage and experience this season.

Price is negotiable to the best of homes as he’s a very special horse to us.

YouTube video includes a couple schooling videos, jumping a spar out hunting and his first 6YO start (also his first 1.20m, and his second 1.20m start (both for a rider 4 faults)

Link to video of Felix cross country schooling:

Flatwork and dressage videos available on request.