Horse for sale

Striking Lansing Gelding


6 years old.


Dressage, Show Hunter, Show Jumping.


68 Inches | 172.72 Centimeters | 17 Hands


Holsteiner, Thoroughbred.


NZD 35000




Waikato, New Zealand

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Super Feature Listing

Insignia is a quality horse with a serious future. He is a large and striking horse, everywhere he goes people comment on how beautiful he is. Lansing progeny are known for their good movement and extraordinary jumping capacity and Richie is proving to be an excellent example of this. Richie has been allowed to mature slowly and finished last season comfortably at 1.15m, he is now ready for 1.20m and will make a talented rider an excellent young rider horse by the end of the season. Richie is intelligent and willing, he tried dressage for the first time recently and scored 77.5%, he would also excel at Show Hunter. Richie is still young and developing and requires a competent rider that reassures him.
Richie has a long history of professional schooling by some great riders, this horse has an amazing base to go a long way with the right rider.