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The sun was shining at Tuakau Pony Club last night as members and coaches gathered for a weekly rally. Nicholaas Duin (6) and Chelsea Duin (4) were two of the lucky young riders to participate on their lovely ponies, Rosie and Wizard. Chelsea was especially excited as it was her first rally on Wizard, who she only started riding recently. After meeting her last week her interest in riding has sparked, it was love at first sight. The riders set off into the arena for an entertaining lesson of weaving through cones, zipping down trotting poles and mounted games. Their Mother Kristen stated “We are incredibly lucky to have such fantastic ponies for our children to learn to ride” which a lot of equestrians can agree with. We all have treasured memories of riding those special ponies at pony club rallies, learning the basics of riding and having a wonderful time! It is usually where it all begins.

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